Devin North: Bass

Devin North is a bassist and songwriter versed in a multitude of different musical genres.

In addition to his primary electric bass, he is versed in jazz and classical upright bass as well as electric guitar, all of which he has performed with The Aaron Clift Experiment.

Devin studied jazz bass and music business at the University of Texas at Austin and has worked around the city of Austin as a sort of swiss army knife bassist – performing in rock, jazz, musical theater, country, blues, and classical ensembles. He currently teaches bass at the Austin School of Music as well as coaches young musicians at Rock Camp USA and continues to play, write, record and produce records.

He is first and foremost a rock bass player, though believes that the intricacies of knowing jazz and classical music add a depth to his musical compositions and diversity to his approach to the bass.

He has been a member of The Aaron Clift Experiment since 2014 and has appeared on and contributed compositions to the ACE albums, “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” and if All Goes Wrong.”

Devin primarily plays a 1966 Fender Precision bass through Fender amplifiers.