The Aaron Clift Experiment is a dynamic progressive rock band based in Austin, Texas.  The group’s multi-faceted sound is an innovative blend of classic rock, modern rock, and classical all anchored by the band’s dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship.

“Intricate and subtle yet with raw passion at its heart, The Aaron Clift Experiment is one of the most exciting and interesting bands currently writing and playing music today,” said Martin Hutchinson of Progradar after first hearing the group.  Hutchinson’s enthusiasm has been echoed by other media outlets worldwide, including Prog Magazine, who nominated the band for Best Unsigned Artist of 2013 and for the Progressive Music Award in 2016.

“There’s much to admire about The Aaron Clift Experiment . . . They can convincingly range from pure power to more delicate inferences in the same song.”
Prog Magazine

Faith – from “If All Goes Wrong” (2018)

Formed in 2012 as the solo project of Aaron Clift, the band has since blossomed into a powerful live group enriched by the extensive musical background of its members.  The soaring vocals of classically-trained singer and keyboardist, Aaron Clift, are grounded by the powerhouse guitar of Anthony Basini and rhythm section of Clif Warren (bass) and Pablo Ranlett-López (drums).

In the last few years, the band has carved out a significant worldwide following.  Its last two albums, 2012’s “Lonely Hills,” and 2015’s “Outer Light, Inner Darkness,” were critically-acclaimed progressive rock achievements, landing on several year-end best album lists.  In 2017, the band had a star-making performance at RosFest, one of the largest progressive rock festivals in the world.

The Aaron Clift Experiment continues to move its dynamic sound forward in its new release, “If All Goes Wrong.”  The album contains the band’s most diverse and electrifying music to date – songs full of enthralling melodies, masterful epics, and addictive pop hooks. “I’ve always loved music that’s both sophisticated and immediate – challenging but also accessible, and with “If All Goes Wrong,” our music has hit that balance better than at any point in our career,” explained Clift.

Castle in the Sky – from “Live at RosFest” (2017)

Co-songwriter, Devin North, added: “This album challenges what a rock band is capable of and deals with one of the fundamental struggles in being a progressive rock band: playing the established genre of progressive rock and actually making music that progresses forward. Nothing is done half-way on this album.”

“An absolute perfect experiment of music blending every instrument and voice into a beautiful ocean of sound.”

As The Aaron Clift Experiment examines its relationship within its musical community in “If All Goes Wrong,” the band also seeks to make sense of the larger world. “Previous ACE albums were very inward-looking, but this time around, the songs are much more focused on interpersonal relationships as well as the individual’s role in society,” said Clift.  “The battle to find peace of mind and love when everything around us seems to be crumbling is a major theme that drives the album.”

In the end, the band believes that music can become a symbol of hope and a force for positive change.  North explains: “While things do fall apart, in “If All Goes Wrong,” we want to show that there can still be a happy ending – a sense of overcoming and coming together as something beautiful and triumphant.”

Aaron Clift: Vocals and Keyboards
Aaron Clift: Vocals and Keyboards
Anthony Basini: Guitar and Backing Vocals
Anthony Basini: Guitar
Clif Warren: Bass
Clif Warren: Bass
Pablo Ranlett-Lopez: Drums
Pablo Ranlett-Lopez: Drums