Space City Music Festival at Last Concert Cafe – July 23, 2016

Houston, TX, United States

Last Concert Cafe

2:30 PM

Space City Music Festival. All ages.

The Aaron Clift Experiment will be performing as part of Space City Music Festival – a 2-day celebration of music and art.  For more details on the event, click here.


2:40 – 3:20: The Aaron Clift Experiment

Set List:

1) Staring at Fruit Out of Reach
2) Locked
3) Aoide, Goddess of Song
4) Arsonist Games
5) Shipwrecked
6) Fragments of Sleep
7) Kissed by the Sun


1) Lonely Hills
2) Wild Hunters

Venue Details

1403 Nance Street
Houston, TX 77002
United States