Happy 2017 and help save Prog Magazine

Happy new year, ACE fans! We want to once again thank Prog Magazine for their coverage of The Aaron Clift Experiment in 2016 and for nominating us for the 2016 Limelight Award.

As you may have sadly heard, Prog Magazine’s parent company, TeamRock, went into bankruptcy at the very end of 2016, and Prog Magazine has folded. This is a huge blow to the progressive music community: for bands like ours, Prog Magazine was one of the ultimate resources for reaching a wider audience – for music fans, the magazine was a way to discover a world of exciting new bands.

If you care about Prog Magazine as much as we do, please join the new Facebook group, Bring Back Prog Magazine (click the picture below for a link to the group). Here, you’ll find a whole community of fans and musicians who are working together to help relaunch Prog Magazine.

Happy 2017, and thank you all for supporting The Aaron Clift Experiment and progressive music!