Introducing our new bassist – Christopher Aboujaoude

Today marks a changing of the guard for The Aaron Clift Experiment: Devin North will soon be moving to Nashville to pursue a new musical direction.  We wish Devin the best of luck with his music career and can’t thank him enough for the excellent bass work and songwriting that he brought to The Aaron Clift Experiment on “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” and “If All Goes Wrong.”

We’ve been incredibly fortunate that, during this period of transition, we’ve been working with a new bassist who embodies the talent and versatility that The Aaron Clift Experiment’s music demands.  Please welcome Christopher Aboujaoude:

Brother of new ACE guitarist, Mathew Aboujaoude, Christopher is currently studying bass at Berklee College of Music Online.  He started his musical education at age 9, learning keyboards, drums, and saxophone in addition to bass.  Over the last 4 years, he has done extensive session work in the southern United States as well as toured worldwide with his brother in the Lebanese Pink Floyd tribute band, Brick Floyd.

Christopher will be making his live debut with us at our September 27 show at One 2 One Bar in Austin, so please be sure to come out and welcome him to the ACE family!

Thanks again to Devin for all of the great music you’ve done with ACE over the last few years, and break a leg in Nashville!