Introducing our new guitarist – Danny Brymer

Today, a chapter of The Aaron Clift Experiment has ended and a new chapter begins.  Jim Ragland has decided to leave the band to pursue a new musical direction.  We wish Jim the best of luck with his solo career and thank him for the excellent guitar work he’s done with the band.

Jim left some big shoes to fill, but the great news is that our new guitarist is more than up to the task.  Introducing Danny Brymer:

When we auditioned Danny, we knew right away he was the man for the job.  Danny brings a wealth of experience performing progressive rock,  jazz, and classical music.  Besides his versatility, Danny is a monster on guitar and a great composer.

In the coming months, you’ll get to see just how much Danny lives up to the hype as we resume our live shows and begin to write, record, and perform new songs.