Meet the guitarists behind “If All Goes Wrong”: Dave North

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on the guitarists who will be joining The Aaron Clift Experiment in the studio to make “If All Goes Wrong” our best album yet.  We start our profile series with Dave North.

Dave North is one of the top up-and-coming young guitarists in Austin, Texas.  Beginning his guitar playing at age 5, Dave has studied with some of the most prestigious guitarists in the Austin music scene, including: Derek Halfmann, Dave Sebree, and Van Wilks.  He also cites his brother, Aaron Clift Experiment bassist, Devin North, as one of the chief influences on his musical development.

Taking a versatile approach to the instrument, Dave has played guitar in a wide variety of genres – ranging from the “trash metal” sound of Retribution, to the hard-rocking blues of Gypsy, to the experimental psychedelic fuzz of his current band, The Cuckoos.  In the summer of 2017, Dave embarked on a month-long tour with The Cuckoos that included stops in New York City and all over the U.K.  He also recently secured an endorsement deal with Ernie Ball strings.

In November 2017, Dave will one of the featured guitarists recording on “If All Goes Wrong,” the third album of Austin-based progressive rock group, The Aaron Clift Experiment.  When asked what he’s looking forward to the most in recording with the band, he said: “I’m pumped to be pushing the boundaries of my guitar playing – whether it be adding weird signature and melodic changes or new experiments in sound.  The Aaron Clift Experiment writes great music, and I’m exciting to be working with this talented group of musicians.”