If All Goes Wrong

The Aaron Clift Experiment
Progressive Rock
  1. If All Goes Wrong -:-- / 5:34


When my fears come alive
I need you by my side

When my heart races,
When there’s trembling in my spine,
Will you be there
To ease my troubled mind?

And, oh, my love,
I feel it deep inside my bones
But all I want to do is hide from my tears,
So stay with me, my dear
Don’t leave me here alone

If all goes wrong,
Take my hand
If all goes wrong,
Help me take a stand

You’re my rock
When waves surround me
When hurricanes rip the air,
You ground me

And oh, my love,
My burdens hound me ‘til I’ve had enough
But you never let me face them

When my worries grow
Please don’t let me go
If all goes wrong, I turn to you,
And your love will help me through

If all goes wrong
You never let it break me
Help me stand strong

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