The Shell

The Aaron Clift Experiment
Progressive Rock
  1. The Shell -:-- / 6:24



When the sea foam washed me away
I prayed for a home to stay
A place where the wind lay still

And there I’d say goodbye to the clouds
And hide in the shroud of the waves
A place to be a perfect castaway
A place,
A place to protect my heart

So I throw my broken ship to the fish and the krill
Wash ashore and crawl through the sand
Like a naked hermit crab searching for his shell
I look for a place to protect my heart

And then I see her gleaming in the tide
A queen conch rising from a watery throne
Her body could hide the cracks in my life
Even if I know I should fill them on my own
But the promise of her counsel is an ocean swell,
a pink pearl that calls me to her shell

Oh shell, will you be my friend?
Bring my days of rainclouds to an end?
Then tell me where to start

‘Cause I’m sinking like my boat in the bay
I’m tired of trying to find my way
So help me, help me to mend
Let your pearls,
Let your pearls fill my heart

When I put my ear up to her lips
To let her whisper the wisdom I’ve missed
All I hear,
All I hear is an echo
Of the sea I left behind
And when I reach into the shell
I only find,
Only find pebbles inside

Oh shell,
All you do is bring back my fears
When I listen to you
The angry storm reappears

Now you leave me with no choice
It seems it’s either you or me
I must make you end your noise
So I’ll throw you back and break you in the sea

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