Bathed in Moonlight

The Aaron Clift Experiment
Progressive Rock
  1. Bathed in Moonlight -:-- / 7:27



Twisting and straightening
spires rise from the waves
winding through twilight

Selenite veins
wrap around like a rib cage
circling the skin of night
warm to the touch

Bathed in moonlight
cleanse the rust of a worn age
bathed in moonlight
on the cusp of a new frame

A serene glow stirs
calls the tides to converge
brings calm to the lake

Seeking peace in starlight
earth leaves fear behind
blind to the opaque
warming to trust

Bathed in moonlight
drawn to the heart’s expanding
bathed in moonlight
dawn of a new understanding

With crystals covering the land
and the sky crowned in white,
the whole world is an open soul
reborn in selenite

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