The Age of Misinformation (2023)

The Aaron Clift Experiment
Progressive Rock
  1. The Age of Misinformation -:-- / 4:56
  2. L.I.A.R. -:-- / 5:14
  3. Bet on Zero -:-- / 10:43
  4. Dark Secrets -:-- / 3:34
  5. Rise -:-- / 5:55
  6. The Color of Flight -:-- / 5:44
  7. Málaga -:-- / 4:49
  8. Weight of the World -:-- / 5:46

Released January 6, 2023.

The fourth album from The Aaron Clift Experiment, featuring “Bet on Zero,” “The Age of Misinformation,” and “L.I.A.R.”

The Aaron Clift Experiment is:

Aaron Clift: vocals, keyboards
Anthony Basini: guitar, backing vocals
Clif Warren: bass
Pablo Ranlett-López: drums, percussion


Zach Matteson: violin I on “The Color of Flight” and “Málaga,” soloist on “Málaga”
Charles Anderson: violin II on “The Color of Flight” and “Málaga”
Jason Elinoff: viola on “The Color of Flight” and “Málaga”
Ellie Prager: cello on “The Color of Flight” and “Málaga”

Big Wy’s Brass Band: brass instruments on “Bet On Zero”:

Ethan Brown: trumpet
Austin Johanning: trumpet
Heather Johanning: trumpet
Justin Dunlap: trombone
William Wright: trombone, soloist
Marcus Cardwell: alto saxophone
Colin Houlihan: baritone saxophone, soloist

Lyrics, string and brass arrangements: Clift
Music: Clift, except “Rise,” “The Color of Flight”: music by Clift/Basini, “L.I.A.R.”: music by Clift/Basini/Warren

Recorded in April – May 2022 at Antimatter Studios – Austin, Texas
Production: Aaron Clift
Recording and mixing: Russell Tanner
Mastering: Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. – Austin, Texas
Art Design: Fumihito Sugawara
Photography: Tobe Mokolo
Videography: Charles Bradbury and Skyler Frost – Content Pump Productions

Major album patrons: Mark Boyden, Louis DeCuir, Daniel James, Iron Megan, Jeff Grundmann, Joe Strouse