“There’s much to admire about this trio from Austin, Texas.. . . They can convincingly range from pure power to more delicate inferences in the same song . . . The album is very charismatic and enticing throughout.”  Thank you very much, Prog Magazine, for the positive review of “If All Goes Wrong.”  Click the Prog logo more to read the full review:

“If All Goes Wrong” is on sale today!  We have 3 options: the album download, the CD (includes bonus track, “Back to the Water”), and the Producer Edition (includes bonus track and isolated audio of all instruments that recorded on the album).

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On 04/23/18, Aaron was interviewed by The Progmeister on The Lost Art Radio Show.  In the interview, Aaron talked about the music from ACE’s 3rd album, “If All Goes Wrong.”  Check out the recording of the interview below:

  1. Lost Art Radio Show 2018-04-23 14:31


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“‘If All Goes Wrong’ sees this impressive ‘Prog Ensemble’ rise to even higher heights. I’ve been a fan of The Aaron Clift Experiment since I heard their first album nearly six years ago and, like a fine wine, they just mature and get better and better as time goes on. They’ve enriched and diversified their already impressive songwriting and musical skills to make them one of the most impressive progressive acts currently on the scene.”
Thank you very much, Martin Hutchinson, for your glowing review of “If All Goes Wrong” on Progradar. Click the link below to read it:

Now through March 31, 2018, pre-order our new album, “If All Goes Wrong” before it’s officially released on May 4, 2018.  For more details, click the picture below to visit our pre-order page.