Early reviews for Outer Light, Inner Darkness are in, and the word is highly positive!  Click the images below to read the reviews:

“Progressive Rock from Austin, TX, isn’t previously unheard of, this we understand, but listening to The Aaron Clift Experiment you could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps it had never sounded so good.” –Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

Hosting a distinctive sound and attitude that separates them from the pack and the old days, this bunch has the skills to pay the bills and spearhead a real prog revival. –Chris Spector, Midwest Record

The new eleven song release begins with the seven-minute progressive rock intricacy of “Kissed By The Sun” as their musical skills are put to the test. The slower delivery of “Locked” and moderate pace of “Fragments Of Sleep” are appealing pieces of music that anyone can find themselves hooked on.  — JP’s Music Blog