Our profile series on the guitarists who will be recording on “If All Goes Wrong” continues with Kevin Chin.

Kevin Chin is an award-winning audio, music, and media producer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago.  He now resides in Austin and serves on the Board of Directors for MediaTech Ventures, where he is also the Chief Production Officer.

He has been playing guitar for well over 20 years and has since played lead guitar in front of a 50 piece symphonic wind ensemble, toured through villas in Italy with a Jazz Big Band, headlined many major venues in Chicago with his original and cover bands, and finally won several outstanding soloist awards while performing at the prestigious North Texas University Jazz Festival.

As the mixing engineer for The Aaron Clift Experiment’s RosFest 2017 live EP and keyboard consultant for Aaron, Kevin has been a key player in shaping the band’s sound.  Kevin recently stated: “I really enjoyed working with The Aaron Experiment on their RosFest EP.  They’ve written some killer songs, and I can’t wait to be playing guitar on their new album!”