For those of you who missed it, Progradar gave a glowing review of “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” in August.  Click here for that review.

Today, the blog released its list of best progressive rock albums of 2015, and “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” is one of the albums on the list!  Click the picture below for more.

“Ideas have blossomed and become something rather special on this album. That early promise of the music on ‘Lonely Hills’ has been expanded upon and ‘Outer Light, Inner Darkness’ is a much more sophisticated and complete record as a result. Intricate and subtle yet with raw passion at its heart, it will cement The Aaron Clift Experiment as one of the most exciting and interesting bands currently writing and playing music today. I would advise you to go out and buy it as soon as it is released.” –Progradar

Thank you so once again to Progradar, for your positive words on  “Outer Light, Inner Darkness”!  Click the image below to read the complete review:

” ‘Outer Light, Inner Darkness’ is an excellent new release full of sophistication and depth and powerful, thoughtful songs that resonate deeply with you.” –Progradar

Thank you so much, Progradar, for adding “Outer Light, Inner Darkness” to your list of best progressive rock albums of 2015!  Click the image below to read more of Progradar’s positive assessment of the album.